How it all began...


Girl meets Boy...


It was back in the early summer of 2009 when at a mutual friends BBQ Girl met Boy. They shared a few stolen glances, a couple of bottles of wine and perhaps a cheeky kiss!

In the five years that followed that Girl became Mrs and that Boy became Mr. They shared approximately 20 romantic holidays, 780 date nights, 7,800 cuddles and 13,000 kisses.



Mrs meets Mr...


Mummy meets



Mrs and Mr became Mummy and Daddy when they welcomed their first baby in 2014 and their second in 2016. Since then they've shared approximately 182 sleepless nights, 10,080 nappy changes, 30 children's parties, 104 play centre experiences and 312 takeaways in front of the telly! 




Mummy creates Date Delivered...

Mummy became fed up of sitting at opposite ends of the sofa to Daddy and sharing only silence and another box set and dreamt up Date Delivered. Now mummy and daddy can have a fun and unique little date night boxed up and conveniently delivered to their door every month. No planning, babysitters or taxis required. Just a date each month a way to discover something new together and an opportunity to reconnect so that perhaps that Girl can meet that Boy again... even if only once a month!